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Kids Zone

Coordinator: Kali Swisher

9:30 am Sundays-Growth Group Hour


During the Growth Group Hour, your child will be working on the memory verse for the month, playing games, and hearing a bible story.  This hour mirrors the traditional Sunday School hour.  This is for kids ages nursery-5th Grade.

Be sure to show up a little early to check your children into their particular area.

We would love for you to check out our Parents Handbook.


10:30 am Sundays-KidsZone Hour 


At Kids Zone, your kids will engage in biblical truths in memorable ways with adults who love the snot out of them!  Kids Zone is for kids ages nursery-5th Grade.

 Looking for stuff for your Nursery age child or Preschooler?  We have stuff for them too!  


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  July 2021  
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