Lead Minister

James Garner

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James is a graduate of Ozark Christian College.  He is married to Heather, and they have two kids, Zach and Kylie. When he's not in the office, James loves to golf, travel, read, and hang out with his family. 

James has a passion for seeing marriages thrive.  He is available to do premarital counseling as well as marital counseling.  James is certified in SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) and most recently Prepare and Enrich Certified. 

James has a passion for seeing people discover their true story in Christ. 


Youth Coordinator

Heather Garner

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Heather is a graduate of Ozark Christian College and Missouri State University (Elementary Education), she is married to James, and they have two kids, Zach and Kylie.  Heather loves teaching and has been doing so for 15 years in public schools.  When not at school or in the church, Heather loves to scrapbook, escape rooms, and hang out with her family. 

Heather has a deep desire to see students know the love of God and to discover who they are in Christ.  

Administrative Assistant

Jo Lynne Abbott

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My name is Jo Lynne Abbott (not Jolene, thank you very much 😊).  My job title has been Administrative Assistant, the fancy name for Secretary, since 2005.  My day consists of an extensive range, from doing payroll to shooing birds out of the church building with a broom.

The most rewarding part of my ministry is being here when a person walks through the door in need of someone to really see them, hear them, love them, and pray with them.  Part of my mission is to help them experience the physical hands and feet of Jesus by offering help with food, clothing, and friendship. Drawing from many life experiences, I can help them navigate their way back home to God despite where they are in life now.  No matter what they have been through, I want them to know they are not alone and this home is a safe place to be.

Two beautiful daughters, five grown grandchildren, and ten great grands are always the hub of my busy life.  Reading and drawing fill my downtime. Beautiful and unusual rocks fill my house and garden. Did I mention two big goofy dogs, two little smash-face grumpy-kitties, and a parakeet named Waylon? 

All in all, God fills my life with light and busyness.  I am forever grateful for it.

Administrative Assistant/Kids Zone

Kali Swisher

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Worship Leader

Kris Redburn

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1st Impressions and Greeting Team

Susan Johnson

I’m Susan Johnson, and my ministry is 1st Impressions/Greeting Team.  Our team enjoys meeting new people and helping them become part of our church community where we make new friends, enjoy each other’s company, do things together and of course, eat and share lots of laughs.

I enjoy spending time with my family and with my friends talking, laughing, eating out (especially peanut butter shakes), drinking Dr. Peppers and Cokes from Sonic (love their ice), and spending my spare time reading—mainly psychological thrillers.  My hobbies?? Reading --what else is there?!  Also shopping and eating out. (Sense a theme here?) I did take tap lessons for 14 years as a kid which was quite fun.

Something funny about me—I’m afraid of heights and get left sitting on the ground or a bench if I can find one, while everyone else rides the rollercoasters.  Give me a tilt-a-whirl, and I can ride it all day without throwing up, but no rollercoasters! Or Farris Wheels!! Oh, and I have a loud sneeze.  A really, really loud sneeze that has actually made a waitress drop a tray full of dishes.  My family has learned to keep on eating, and I look around like, who did that?!?

It is such a pleasure and an honor to be on the Staff Team and share thoughts and ideas of helping people find their way back home to God.  The Greeting Team/1st Impressions takes this vision to heart, welcoming everyone and being the first face of the church. We have the best Job!

  July 2021  
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